Attacking the Paper Monster

How many of you are drowning in paper with no hope of survival?  That’s me, over here!!  Two people who love reading, have way too little time at home, and who are small pack rats equals a whole pile of paper everywhere!!  Magazines, newspapers, recipes, advertisements, catalogs, bills, coupons, important notices, junk…you name it, we have it piled somewhere.  I’m very good at straightening the piles.  I’m also very good at hiding the piles.  Not so good at putting said piles away so that they no longer exist.  They usually just exist in some form in another room where you can’t see them at the moment.

So today I took an “Organzing your Paper Clutter” class through the local community recreation place.  This very knowledgeable and well-meaning woman attempting in one hour to teach us what she normally charges people hundreds of dollars to do.  Purge your paper, create a Command Center, be ruthless in what you throw away.  All well meaning and good.  But trust me, I’ve tried it.  We had a command center…which quickly became so full of paper that the files fell apart.  And then, since the command center now looked like a hot mess, it got hidden in the junk room…with the papers still inside…so then we suddenly couldn’t find things we needed.  Needless to say, the command center was not a solution for us.

I don’t think it’s that I don’t know how to organize…it’s that I don’t want to put the effort into doing it.  It requires work.  It requires my butt to leave the couch.  Two things that, if given a choice, I don’t really want to do. 

Where’s that cleaning lady???

The Never Ending To Do List

Does anyone else have a to do list that is never ending?  And it keeps growing larger each time I go visit blogs and Pinterest because of all the great ideas and organized people in cyber-land.  Today’s latest addition to the list..organize under the sinks.  Both the kitchen and the bathroom cabinets are a hot mess right now of cleaning supplies, and random junk that have found their way into those cabinets. 

Again…how do two people accumulate so much stuff?!  Sales…gifts…more sales…all of this results in a pile of lotions, cosmetics, and related girly-stuff that has no home. 

If Pinterest is telling me what to do, apparently I need to head to the Dollar Store for containers.  Off I go…maybe.

Who the *bleep* is wearing all of these clothes?!?

Is anyone else amazed by the amount of laundry that accumulates in their household?  Yes, you might be saying.  But you may also have a husband, and a pile of kids.  I DON’T!  I have a partner and four fur kids, and last time I checked, they aren’t sporting any new wardrobes.  How is it that two people can accumulate this many loads of laundry in a week??? 

Now, I know I mentioned this before, but in case you got bored the first time and stopped reading…I am lazy.  If I could hire someone to do my laundry I would.  But that would be weird.  So I attempt to do it myself.  And when rightfully motivated, I can get it done.  But getting motivated doesn’t happen often.  Most of the time I do laundry because the piles start overflowing the bedroom.  Or the partner complains about a lack of underwear or something. 

So today, on a day off from work that I had planned to involve my butt never leaving the couch, I’ve been doing laundry.  And frankly, I don’t feel I’ve made even a small dent!!  Piles still cover the bed, one hamper is still overflowing, and the folding table in the laundry room is piled with sheets and towels from who knows how long ago. 

Maybe I do need to hire someone!

So, you want to be organized?

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog.  If you have managed to stumble upon this site housing my ramblings, I hope that you find some interesting stories and crazy antics to read about.  If you’ve stumbled upon this site in hopes of finding great tips on how to organize your home or cook a gourmet dinner, then you are hanging out in the wrong place!  I am, in no uncertain terms, domestically challenged.  I do my best to flounder around and make my home look presentable for friends and family.  But it would never pass a white glove test by any means.  And I can manage to assemble a dinner that friends and family will enjoy, but for day to day functioning, most of my meals come out of a window or a box. 

You see…I am lazy.  I will admit it.  Dinners that include “do you want fries with that” or “put on cookie sheet and bake for 12 minutes” are what I tend to gravitate towards after a long day at work.  Since the partner works crazy hours and it’s rare to have her home for dinner, it’s usually just me and the fur kids.  And the fur kids don’t care that I’m eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers for the 3rd day in a row.  But I do.  It’s embarrassing.  And my wallet and waistline aren’t big fans of this situation either. 

So this is the year, 2013, where I attempt to become a domestic goddess.  Organizing those crazy corners and surfaces where piles of stuff accumulate before my very eyes.  Cooking meals for myself that will involve leftovers for the partner later, which should make packing lunches easier.  Focusing more on a few small tasks each night instead of hours of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other mindless time sucks.  Thanks for joining me on my journey.  Let’s see what happens!