Who the *bleep* is wearing all of these clothes?!?

Is anyone else amazed by the amount of laundry that accumulates in their household?  Yes, you might be saying.  But you may also have a husband, and a pile of kids.  I DON’T!  I have a partner and four fur kids, and last time I checked, they aren’t sporting any new wardrobes.  How is it that two people can accumulate this many loads of laundry in a week??? 

Now, I know I mentioned this before, but in case you got bored the first time and stopped reading…I am lazy.  If I could hire someone to do my laundry I would.  But that would be weird.  So I attempt to do it myself.  And when rightfully motivated, I can get it done.  But getting motivated doesn’t happen often.  Most of the time I do laundry because the piles start overflowing the bedroom.  Or the partner complains about a lack of underwear or something. 

So today, on a day off from work that I had planned to involve my butt never leaving the couch, I’ve been doing laundry.  And frankly, I don’t feel I’ve made even a small dent!!  Piles still cover the bed, one hamper is still overflowing, and the folding table in the laundry room is piled with sheets and towels from who knows how long ago. 

Maybe I do need to hire someone!

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